intro leadership listenGood leadership entails being a leader that people look up to; a front-runner who inspires people; a leader everyone wants to be around. The question is how some leaders achieve this great leadership position and where other hard working managers might miss the boat.

Often the very important skill of LISTENING is overlooked which can make the difference between being a boss, and being a respected leader.

by Align Solutions

networkingHow to make top quality connections when Networking
(Info from Careers24)

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee looking to make connections with substance, these tips will help you to make better connections when networking.

by Roché Snyman

conflict mngmt1Managing conflict and confrontation

Workforce diversity
One of the most regular conversations coming up in team meetings and coaching revolves around the issue of conflict management.  South Africans are blessed, but also challenged by an immensely diversified workforce, which often results in misunderstandings, different expectations and values – hence fertile ground for much strive!


aligning mike1Meet Mike, a 42 year old entrepreneur and successful business owner.  Mike is often asked by young entrepreneurs to tell his story of success - lessons he loves to share!

A career in the making...
Mike did what all respectable matriculants of his era did - he went to study. At that stage he had no idea what he was good at or even interested in, nor what his passion was.   So he chose a study field based on what his parents and friends suggested.