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Roché Snyman
Consulting Psychologist and Coach
HPCSA Registered Psychologist PS0058106

   > BA Communication, BA Hons, MA Psychology (University of Johannesburg)
> Diploma: Advanced Art of Business Coaching (North West University)

Developing and supporting leaders and their teams - through formal training, individual coaching and wellbeing interventions - is where I find my talents best applied and my career passion ignited!
23 years as a consulting Psychologist - with a corporate background in People Development, Change Management, Employee Wellness, Human Resources and Communication, has given me insight into the effect of individual behaviour on the organisational culture, and how it contributes to its success - or not. My focus is on enhancing the employee experience, and thus indirectly influencing the customer experience of a company. I approach this by focusing on personal development, engagement and wellbeing strategies and interventions. This forms the foundation in equipping people to be resilient in the face of the constant change that organisations are experiencing everywhere. I have found that resilient and empowered employees, who are supported well, work with a sense of purpose that enable them to bring their very best to their organisation.

I am at my personal best when able to work systemically - thus collaborating across board with leaders, employees and teams to identify and develop a positive set of collective organisational behaviours. I thrive on facilitating change by helping people to develop their relational and intra-personal skills, to enable them to foster mutually effective relationships, manage their staff better, and increase their personal influence. Being a registered counselling psychologist, I often provide assistance to employees on stress-; trauma-; conflict, relationship management and other wellness topics.

Areas of expertise:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Training and development
  • Employee assistance through counselling, psycho-education, and wellness campaigns
  • Psychometric assessment
  • Change management in a project management environment as well as company wide culture transformation initiatives
  • Organisational communication and stakeholder management

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 Francois du Toit (Associate)
Professional Business & Wellness Coach. Motivational Speaker

   > Professional Business & Life Coaching Diploma - ICF Accredited.
   > Personal Fitness Training Diploma Et.PFT(DIP) - Institute of Fitness Professionals.
   > P
rofessional Health & Fitness Diploma - Reebok Instructors Alliance (Pty.) Ltd S.A.

Life is an endurance race!  And every individual deals with the challenges, obstacles and victories differently. My 15 year’s experience in the health and wellness industry has not just been about helping individuals get physically strong but mentally strong too.

As a qualified business & wellness coach, fitness professional and experienced endurance athlete my mission is to guide entrepreneurs through their personal endurance race and help them achieve their goals.

Francois conducts motivational talks on his experience in the Cape Epic race and how that can be translated to business principles.

For enquiries or to book a motivational talk, contact Roché Snyman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hennie Vorster (Associate)
Executive and Business Coach

   > BA, BA Hons, MEd Psychology (University of Johannesburg)
   > Advanced Business and Life Coaching Diploma (UNISA)

My passion is to empower people to develop their social and emotional intelligence; getting in touch with their higher order intelligences; living life to the full; choosing happiness and living goal directed lives.

I have extensive experience in business coaching including Team-, Individual- and Executive Coaching. I have worked in a broad spectrum of industries, including the Hospitality, Insurance and Mining industries. As a corporate trainer my focus is on the development of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Sales and Customer service, Stress management and Corporate Communication.