focus apr 2015

We align STRATEGY, BUSINESS and PEOPLE PROCESSES by partnering with our clients in their evolution from good to extraordinary 

? Have you defined where you are taking your business?

? Have you translated this into an inspiring vision & mission statement?

? Do you have specific company goals and a strategy to take you there?

? Have you defined meaningful values to guide Employee behaviour?

? Is there a shared understanding of strategy, goals & values?

? Do you have buy-in from the people who are supposed to take you to
   your desired outcome?

? Are you all on the same page - do you function as a team?

? Are your leaders influential and do they have people willingly following

? Have you invested in developing your staff to enable them to reach

? Are new managers mentored and developed in their new skills set?

? Do teams work with or against each other?

? Are you reaching your marketing /sales objectives?

? Do you have happy - not just satisfied - customers?